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Morimoto | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Morimoto Sign


Inside Morimoto


Chefs of Morimoto


Tuna Tartare w/ caviar chives in a dashi sauce


Oyster three ways: orange salsa; citrus cilantro ceviche; fish sauce and jalapeno



Scallop Carpaccio; Hot Oil, Yuzu, and Japanese Herbs


Sashimi Assortment


Intermission: (cleanser) Passion Fruit Soda


Maine lobster pan roasted in chef’s spice mixture; served with sauteed vegetables. Yuzu/citrus creme fraiche.


Pan seared foie gras; soy vinaigrette marinaded haricot vert; orange-miso sauce and pickled onions.


Wagyu Steak; yu choy, pear puree. tempura shishito pepper



Sushi tasting – Toro (Fatty Tuna), Kinmedai (Big Eye Red Snapper), Kanpachi (Baby Amberjack), Ajuro (Jackfish), Aoyagi (Orange Clam)



Cherry blossom cheesecake graham cracker crust; whipped cream


While in Philadelphia I met up with my good buddy Jesse Taylor, with the intention to grab some tasty Philly food. Walked around for a bit before I saw some solid suggestions via the Chefs Feed app and based on our proximity to Morimoto, we decided that it would be our place for sustenance that evening. Made a quick reservation and off we went.

As we were being seated at the sushi bar, I was mesmerized by the cool and trendy space. Looked at the menu for a bit and decided to let the chef decide; Omakase w/ Beverage Omakase it it! After the tuna tartare dish, we saw one of the chefs preparing a similar dish but with gold flakes and wondered why we lacked such a luxurious presentation. After a brief chat with the chef, we found out there was a secret Omakase variant with a higher price tag; decided since it was my birthday to go for it. Definitely one of the most pricey meals ever but per the skill and quality ingredients going into each dish, it validated the end bill. I would love to go back!

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Morimoto  (information gathered 9/2012)
723 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Mon-Wed 11:30am–10pm
Thu 11:30am–11pm
Fri 11:30–12am
Sat 5pm–12am
Sun 5–10pm

Valet parking available. Parking is limited with a few parking decks and/or side street meter parking.

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Thanks to Jesse Taylor for taking me around Philadelphia
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