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Star Provisions | Atlanta, Georgia USA

On Assignment for ChefsFeed!! Star Provision’s Salami Bread; recommendation by Ford Fry of No246, The Optimist, and JCT Kitchen



Inside Star Provision



Star Provision Brownie


To kick this year off (happy new year everybody, by the way), started off with going to Star Provisions to shoot a quick dish for Chefs Feed. Joined their team back in Q2/Q3 of 2012 and it’s been a fun ride so far, looking forward to more delicious shoots! If you havent checked out the app yet, please do. It’s a great tool to find some great eats locally.

The assignment was of Star Provision’s Salami Bread; recommended by Chef Ford Fry from such awesome restaurants like JCT Kitchen, No246, and titled by Esquire Magazine, “Best New Restaurant in America,” The Optimist. If he thinks this self-contained salami/cheese consumable is good, it is worth checking out. The shoot was a quick 30-45 minutes to find the optimal lighting, plate and capture the image. After, they heated up the salami bread and I got to eat it! Nothing gets wasted~ Such is the benefit of shooting the food as you would see it. No fake food or mash potatoes for ice cream here.

The Salami bread was awesome though. A great outer crust with a hot cheese and thin sliced salami on the inside. I was decently full after just eating half, got the rest to go. Had a quick chat with one of the workers behind the counter and was convinced to try their brownie. Made sure to snap a photo before I took a quick bite and took it also to go for later. It was definitely worth it. 🙂

Star Provisions (information gathered 1/2013)
1198 Howell Mill Road Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30318
10:00 am until Midnight
Monday through Saturday

Parking lot in front of the eatery / shop.

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