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Pho Binh Bellaire | Houston, Texas USA

Ho brothers eating


Pho Ga Kho; chicken pho with a very flavorful chicken broth on side


One of the best Pho at a restaurant I’ve had to date. When my good friends Bang and Kiem Ho said this place has some great Pho, they weren’t kidding. I went with the unique recommendation of the ph? gà khô which translates to ‘dry chicken noodle soup’. Unique because the soup, first of all, is of a chicken broth as opposed to the typical beef broth. Secondly, the noodles are served dry (without the soup), allowing you to pour the chicken broth as needed. Finally, they dress the top of the noodles with pieces of chicken, egg, and fried shallots and assorted herbs.

A lovely meal with good friends!

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Pho Binh Bellaire (information gathered 9/2012)
10827 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, Texas
Tues – Sun 8:00am – 4:00pm
(missed out on lunch? no problem! They have another place, ‘Pho Binh by Night’ that is opened when this place closes… across the street. Yeah I’m not sure on the logic either..)

Medium sized parking lot in front of the restaurant.

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Bang and Kiem Ho. Thanks for the recommendation!
Pho Binh Bellaire