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Neptune Oyster | Boston, MA USA


Kumamoto Oysters; small, sweet, plump, creamy, hints of honeydew melon


Buttermilk Johnnycake; honey butter, smoked trout tartare, Little Pearl caviar served on a thin slightly crispy cornmeal pancake


The inside space


Maine Lobster Roll; toasted roll, hot with butter


Outside looking in.


End of the night, where’d all the seafood go? :/

From the marble table tops to the tiled/textured ceiling, the ambiance definitely takes you back to simpler times. This 42 seat capacity restaurant (yeah it’s that small) is definitely at the top of my list for seafood. The positive side of such a quaint eatery is the staff is quite attentive during your dining experience; the con, however, is you may have to wait a while to get in. Should the need to wait arise, simply go inside, stand at the doorway (because honestly there is limited space to stand) and wait for one of the staff to come take your name and phone number. I consider that pretty cool, they’ll call you when they’re ready for you. Just make sure you’re near.

From personal experience, I arrived around 6pm on a Tuesday so I was practically asking for a long wait, but it actually wasn’t so bad. Probably a solid 35 minute wait which was fine. I ended up going to the coffee shop, Boston Common Coffee Co. a block away for a quick cup of coffee and relaxed thinking of the superb seafood I was soon to become one with.

Goodness. Those oysters on the half shell (Kumamoto) were so sweet and fresh. The combination on the Buttermilk Johnnycakes, who knew those things would go together?! It just was so well balanced between the hot texture of the johnnycake and the cold smoked trout tartare and caviar… it was an experience that sent chill down your spine because of how good it was. Towards the end of the meal, I decided I would go all out and top it off with a lobster roll. The generous helping of large chucks of Maine lobster meat on a well toasted bun; some butter to make it all happy.. It was just a wonderful way to end the meal. There are still some items I still have to cross off my list (e.g. Neptune Burger, Tuna Ribbons, The Neptune Plateau from the raw bar). Time to bring the stretchy pants.

Neptune Oyster (information gathered 07/2012)
63 Salem Street
Boston, MA 02113
Mon – Thurs, Sun 11:30am – 9:30pm
Fri – Sat 11:30am – 10:30pm

It can be tricky to find parking as the spots along the street are typically full. Come early.

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Neptune Oyster
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