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A Little of What You Fancy | London, England UK







Terrine with farm egg



Guinea Fowl



Roast Pork Belly over Cauliflower



Dinner Demolished



Cows Milk and Salted Caramel Ice Cream



Meringue topped with cream and passion fruit



Outside ALOWYF


A really cool restaurant located off of Kingsland Rd in the district of Dalston. Initially walking up to the establishment was a bit confused as one would expect proper signage for a restaurant/eatery. It was thanks to  my cousin’s explanation that ‘A Little of What You Fancy’ is one of London’s best pop-up restaurants, things made more sense. Exciting, as I’ve always wanted to experience a pop-up restaurant!

The dinning there was relaxing and easy going. Never felt rushed or had the feeling the server was trying to up-sell. Gave us the information we needed as we asked for it. The food was just what I wanted. Traditional and authentic British food that was delicious!

That Roasted Pork Belly, Ice Cream, and the meringue were awesome. The menu typically changes but, should one be fortunate to find those items on the evening of your visit, make sure to order those dishes. You wont be sorry, nor will you have trouble sleeping; after dinner, I slept like a rock. Enjoy! 🙂

A Little of What You Fancy (information gathered 11/2012)
464 Kingsland Road
London E8 4AE
Tues, Wed 7:00 – 9:45pm
Thurs – Sat 7:00 – 10:00pm


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