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Via Matta | Boston, MA USA

Fedelini with tiny clams, cherry tomatoes, parsley and lemon


Found out about this great place by means of a service known as Chefs Feed. I’ve been using this program on my phone to help find good places to eat. They currently have the larger cities within United States and are looking to spread out to other cities.

But the dish displayed was composed of perfectly cooked noodles, a simple yet wonderfully delicious tomato sauce, and some amazingly fresh & sweet clams. I will definitely be back for more. Located at the corner of Park Plaza and Arlington St, this restaurant describes itself as “regional cuisine of Piedmont, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna.” The hostess, waitress, and management were friendly; attentive and was able to eat and leave under an hour. A great place to grab lunch!

Via Matta (information below gathered 07.2012)
79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA
Mon-Thu 11:30am–10pm
Fri 11:30am–11pm
Sat 5–11pm
Sun Closed

Available by either valet or there were parking meters about a half a block in each direction.

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Via Matta
Chefs Feed