Delta Check-In – Sweetwater 12 Pack | Atlanta, GA USA



So had been looking at some of old posts and realized these few shots that never got posted. The top one was shot with my 5DM3, but the one on the bottom was not. I think you can tell the quality. But! The point is I need to make sure this story is told.

Last year while traveling to visit a friend (the trip was from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California) and my friend Alan G really wanted some Sweetwater beer. It’s a locally brewed beer from Atlanta at the time of this post, is not distributed that far west. Per my Delta status and ability to check-in bags for free, I figured let’s try and check-in the box.

Toting this around at the airport definitely turned some heads but ultimately, spoke with the baggage agent at Delta and was told that sending a case of beer is considered a valid form of packaging and will be covered if damages occurs. She slapped on some Fragile / Priority stickers and like a parent sending their child to school for the first time, watched the little 12 pack that could journey into the unknown. Crossed my fingers and went on my way. Fast forward 6 hours later, the box awaited my arrival in the special baggage section and viola! Safe and sound for Alan and I to enjoy. Cold Sweetwater 420 and amazing California weather what a freaking amazing pairing!

Drink responsibly. 🙂

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