I am a food photographer who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia USA; roots via the city of Ottawa in the Province of Ontario, Canada. My advancement in food photography is mostly self-taught; I pay homage to my mentors in other genres (e.g. Advertising/Editorial – Steve Thornton; Fashion/Product – Rick Newby; and Wedding/Portraiture – Michael Stothard) for teaching me some base principles and techniques of photography. I’ve always favored natural looking food photographs and have been striving to “perfect” this style in my work. Most of what is on this site has been shot on location with little to no equipment, outside the body and lens. Noninvasive with preventative measures against disrupting guests; I make use of my surroundings without all the production.

Have worked with multiple local restaurants to update their imagery. Back in 2011, I’ve been helping the team over at Chefs Feed capture Chef recommended dishes and recently been asked to help as their photo editor. Am very humbled by this opportunity and just enjoying the ride, one dish at a time! Additionally, in 2013 I’ve been working with the talents of Eater to increase imagery content across their Eater National, Eater Atlanta, and soon Eater Toronto. When not on location for assignment or exploring new restaurants around the world, I’m at home honing my studio based photography workflow. What you can expect from this site, first and foremost, are quality images with limited chatter. I’ll give you some quick thoughts on that day’s shoot, my favorite dish(es) of the eatery, and basic information on the restaurant (address, contact info, and hours of operation).

A near future project will be documenting my adventures in the kitchen. I’ve had many fun years of cooking alongside family/friends and have experienced back of house for a few years. I took a break from cooking but looking to dust off my kitchen gear and putting it back to work! I’ve chosen a set of references as my base content and look forward to sharing the process soon!

Thanks for coming to get to know me! Feel free to reach out at: mweats<dot>info@gmail<dot>com, for job/media inquiries or even basic photography questions! A geographically categorized list of places I’ve visited can be found here: You may also catch me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Be well!